A little about myself; my name is Jack Dillon and I am a 26 year old aspiring online entrepreneur.

I recently became financially independent from my online businesses, a large part of it thanks to the great tutorials written on this blog. A huge thanks to Michael for teaching me how to become financially independent, and now for publishing this guest post on his blog!

So without further ado, let’s get straight into it.

Today, I am going to write about my experiences with YouTubeDevils, which is a site I found after site I found after a lot of research on Google.

What I wanted to do was to find a way to rank my YouTube videos quickly for cheap, which advertised my online business; YouTubeDevils seemed perfect for it, and after looking on their homepage I saw they had evidence of their strategies working, so I decided to give it a shot.

I have divided this article up into the following sub sections:

  1. The benefits of using YouTube for marketing
  2. Searching for the best tools to rank videos
  3. Using YouTubeDevils
  4. The results!

1 – The benefits of YouTube Marketing

If you didn’t already know, YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world.

This means that after Google, YouTube will be the second best place to get organic traffic from, however, there is one little difference.

Many people, including myself have realised that the conversion rate and click through rate on YouTube is much higher than any other traffic source!

Let’s suppose you have a web design business, you can make YouTube tutorials on basic web design, and then have people visit your site and try to get them to buy web design work from you! They will be more likely to buy from you because they can see you’re legit from the video and you have already helped them for free.

It is my personal opinion that YouTube is the best source of traffic if you consider value for money, speed and conversion rate.

2 – Searching for the best tools to rank videos

There are two main approaches to this, the first is ranking the videos by yourself which is explained by Michael in this great blog post, which includes buying views and then ranking the video that way.

This method works great, but if you don’t know what you’re doing it may not end so well…

The method that I am going to be demonstrating today is essentially hiring experts to rank the videos for you, who have their own special strategies and tools for ranking videos.

After looking around on forums and searching on Google, this company called YouTubeDevils kept coming up time and time again all with very positive reviews, so I decided to give it a shot!

3- Using YouTubeDevils

On their pricing and packages page, YouTubeDevils has a range of packages to choose from.

As I haven’t used this service before and wanted to write my experiences down in this case study, I went for the starter plan which costs less than $50 and guarantees  a better ranking, 2,000 views and 100 likes. Sounds great!

So I signed up, and put my test video on there, and all the views it had so far was from posting it on facebook, so I had a measly 64 views and 7 likes:

Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 14.12.53

And after using the service, I got a whopping 2,899 views and over 200 likes and it’s going up by the day:

Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 14.15.15

Also, my rank shot up for the keywords I wanted!

From this:


… to this:


As you can see I got a really good increase in my video ranking, and am getting thousands of views and it’ still going up!


Would I recommend YouTubeDevils? Absolutely!

Wrapping up

I hope you enjoyed my YouTubeDevils case study!

If you liked it, please be sure to share it on social media! If you have any questions or queries, be sure to leave a comment and I’ll try to reply ASAP.