Mark Dice Pranks People Standing In The Line For Black Friday

First of all: I made a shitload of money this Black Friday and I am looking forward to an even better Cyber Monday!

Now before you start saying: “Oh Michael is an asshole and arrogant, he says Black Friday is only for poor people!” let me tell you one thing: If you are standing in the line for 5 or 6 hours just to get $40 off some product you are a slave of the financial system.

You are a Slave of the Financial System

Since this Blog is all about reaching financial freedom and making money I want let you guys know that if you keep waiting in the line you will never reach financial success. Cause this attitude is a poor man’s attitude.

I am talking about the people who are storming into stores just grabbing every single product they can (which they would have never bought if there were no discounts) and even become violent just to claim one single product.

I am talking about people like this: Video

Be Smart & Take Advantage of good Deals

Of course not everything on Black Friday is bad. It’s nothing wrong with getting a good deal on a product you wanted to buy anyways. Let’s say you wanted to get a new MacBook and today it is 30% Off it is absolutely right to get it!

Today I got an interesting email that was inspiring me to make this post. Let me show you some quotes out of this email:

People Pay More Money than they are saving. It’s a Trap!

“While the majority of the people in line actually believe they are standing in line to save money, they are actually paying significantly more than they could imagine. That said, here is the reality of what someone who is a slave to society is really giving up.”

You are neglecting your Family & Friends

“Think about the average person who waits in line about 5 hours on Black Friday before the store actually opens. They are giving up their ability to spend time with their family on this one day, and instead choosing to stand in line to save at most a few hundred dollars on something they don’t need that they will most likely buy on their credit card and go into debt for.

It’s a sad reality that most people are lazy, but it’s even worse that most people are incapable of putting away their wants today, so that they secure their needs of tomorrow.”

You are indirectly telling yourself that society will forever dictate what you can or can’t do

“When you spend 5 hours of your life to save $200 on a TV for example, you are indirectly telling yourself that society and society only will forever dictate what you can or cant do, and unless they want you to or make it easy for you, you will certainly not be attaining any of the things you want. Those 5 hours spent in line could be worth certainly much more than $200, especially if you applied yourself enough to make it count and do something with your life.”