How to Start Making Money Online Today

How to start making money online is a question asked by thousands if not millions every day. Unfortunatly, statistics suggest that over 95% of them never make a single cent! Now please don’t let that dishearten you, because if you know what you are doing there are very easy and straight forward ways to get started right now and make money within the next few hours!

Now why am I sharing this you may wonder? My goal from the start (which is also why I started this blog) was to help people start making money online. All the external advice linked to in this article are other guides on my blog, that fit in well with driving traffic etc!

Now without further ado, here are the top ways you can start making money online today.


For those of you who don’t already know, Fiverr is what I used to make my first money online and because of this it has a place very close to my heart.

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I made over $10,000 on Fiverr, and to get the exact details of that and how I did it, I highly suggest you check out my ultimate guide to making money on Fiverr which is also on this blog!

Once you’ve signed up and listed some of your services, a GREAT way to drive traffic there is via YouTube (Ranking Videos on YouTube Guide). To this day, YouTube is still the medium I use to drive most of the traffic to my businesses and this blog. I even made a course called TubeMillionaire which teaches you all the secrets of unlocking YouTube to it’s full potential!

Another great way to drive traffic to your Fiverr listings is getting instant retweets on Twitter, here is a screenshot of instant retweets on my account which helped me get thousands of hits that same day:


If you want to find out how you can get Instant Retweets too today and grow your twitter profile, I highly recommend you check out my How to Get Instant Retweets Guide.

Driving Traffic

Regardless of whether you use Fiverr or sell stuff on eBay, you need targeted traffic. The before mentioned guides help with this, but here is a dedicated guide I used to drive over 7,549 unique hits to a brand new website hours after launch!


Here are the three methods to driving traffic I used to achieve that.

Wrapping up

I hope you start making money today! If you follow what I revealed in this guide, there is no doubt you will start making thousands very soon. Just do your research, work hard and success will come to you!

Please do share this guide on social media to help others start too, let’s start an online, entrepreneurial revolution!