SEO stands for – Search Engine Optimization.

To put it simply SEO is the process of positioning your website high up in the Google search results page, while using specific keywords. The goal with doing this is getting a large amount of highly targeted traffic, using keywords.

SEO is by far one of the most important ways of driving traffic to your website. It uses keywords to place the website which is most related to your search at the top of the results page.

On top of this conversions are incredibly high since people are actually searching for what appears in front of them – meaning that they will almost definitely want whatever comes up on the website which they are looking for.

Finally (and most importantly) search traffic brings high paying clients – different to social media conversions, which we all know, generally do not bring in high paying clients.

Guess what!

The reason which you are in fact reading this blog post right now is because you looked up something like ‘SEO for beginners’ or something along those lines – this is because I’ve ranked this article (and as you yourself are an example of this), which is now bringing me traffic towards my website!

If you are looking for how to rank videos on YouTube instead of Google I recommend my course -Tube Millionaire. As I am only focusing on Google in this article

Now let me teach you the basics – which you can start implementing today!

First, let me show you proof that this works:

Screen Shot 2016-08-28 at 23.04.06

As you can see in my analytics many of my webpages are ranked number one on Google’s search results page, including ‘how to make money on Twitter tutorial’ – a very highly searched, and well performing article of mine.

As well as this my video on YouTube ‘how to rank on youtube’ is also number one. Not to brag – but I know my stuff, you’re in good hands.

First you need to understand that you have both your, ‘on page SEO’ and your ‘off page SEO’.

Your on page SEO is everything which you do directly onto your website.

Your off page SEO is everything which happens off your website – such as your backlinks, which link to your website from other websites, which will increase your link views. Helping you rank higher.

Let’s focus on the on page SEO.

The first thing you have to do when it comes to on page SEO is that you have to make sure your actual website is optimised for your specific keywords which you want to rank for.

I’ll now give a little tutorial (assuming that you’re using WordPress CMS as a tool) using one of my recent blog posts – How To Make Your Twitter Followers Make You Money. 

First, you need to download a plugin to WordPress called Yoast SEO. This is by far the best plugin out there and also the highest rated one, it’s also free!

Screen Shot 2016-08-28 at 23.04.22

Once you have downloaded this plugin you will see on your website pages a section called ‘Yoast SEO’ – which will analyse your current on page optimisation statures and will actually give you either a green, amber or red sign.

Green obviously meaning that you are in a good position to highly rank your website.

Screen Shot 2016-08-28 at 23.04.28

While my overall SEO is green – the plugin says that I can still improve upon certain areas of my post to improve its’ optimisation.

This can be seen by the bullet points which are either red – which definitely need to be improved upon to help with your optimisation. 

Or amber, which are things which okay – but could also be improved upon to get maximum results.

Screen Shot 2016-08-28 at 23.04.45

For example I really need to improve upon my keyword density – as my focus keyword was found only one time in the article.

This can easily be changed, just by adapting my article and adding the focus keyword in in more places. Although this is not always necessarily a good thing to do as you can then get penalised for over using the focus keyword.

I also have two amber signs, things which I can either spend more time improving, or just leave – something which I will probably do as most aspects of my blog are listed as green meaning it already very well optimised.

This is a perfect starting point – with a very simple, yet not very well known method you really could be getting your web pages to the top of the google search results.

And of course like any business, the more clicks and views you get – the more money that website will make for you!

I also made a video on this on my YouTube channel, along with other useful videos which anybody who wants to make money online should check out:

I’ll go into the much more complicated, off page SEO in another post in the future. This is something which you will have to dedicate some more time to, as it is a more complicated form of SEO, although very worthwhile when you get the hang of it.

What I’ve taught you today are the very fundamentals of SEO, but as these secrets of optimising your web page are actually not very well known, you could easily be overtaking your ignorant competitors, by getting yourself to the top of Google!