How to make your Twitter Followers make you Money

Twitter. It’s like a video game in real life. Building up your followers, sending tweets that keep them engaged and trying to keep up with the current trends. All to increase your score in the form of followers, favourites and retweets.

While you may have a large twitter following already, you may be finding it hard to turn these followers into the hard cash which you need.

I’m going to change that for you.

In this article I’ll outline the tips and tricks of building up your twitter account and then the skills on making money out of this account.

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One thing you’ve got to make sure before you read on, is that you’re serious. Prioritise Twitter for the next month and you will be blown away with the results. Nothing comes easy, but I’m going to make sure it will come as easily as possible.

In this article I will teach you:

  • How to build up your Twitter following
  • How to find your best target audience
  • How to control your target market
  • As well of this I’ll teach you some of the tricks I’ve learnt on the way

First, you need a large following.

Everybody has followers who are inactive – it’s inevitable. I’ve spent hours of my time trying to work out what will make those silent followers tick.

Sadly it often turns out nothing will change their inactivity.

To get targeted followers that will pay attention to what you post, you need to already have a large following so they take you seriously. This concept sounds impossible to most and is why most businesses fail on social media. I found it impossible to get around at first too…

That was until I discovered

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How Do I Get Followers gets you high quality followers to boost the numbers, and social proof does the rest.

Worth the small fee which they charge – what’s some small change for these followers when they’re going to be making you the big bucks?


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If you get this right this initial follower could be earning you $1+ every single month, and this could very quickly add up, the more followers you have.

Before you know it, your following will be expanding faster than you would believe. The more followers you have – the more, free targeted advertising. It will practically run itself.

Twitter really is one of the best lead generating machines,

Here are the things you need to make Twitter help you with list building:

  1. Optimise your lead capture conversion page
  2. Push more followers towards your lead capture page
  3. Create an optimal profile that works hand in hand with your new strategy

Creating a profile that attracts followers and looks welcoming is very important.

If your profile doesn’t look attractive how are you going to get followers?

Your Twitter profile is made up of a profile photo, header image, background image and a small bio about yourself.

You need to make these look as attractive and professional as possible. They also need to be appealing to your niche.

You need to make sure that your profile photo is of YOU. Not some avatar or pet but you. A picture of something which isn’t the owner of the profile is very unattractive as it creates an air of anonymity and secretiveness – which you do not want to have with your customers.

Now you need a bio which is targeted at your niche.

It’s crazy the amount of accounts which I’ve seen that don’t do this.

It means they’re getting less targeted followers and greatly reduces the effectiveness of their Twitter marketing.

Instead of reading me prattle on, go and visit a well known CEO or entrepreneur who is on Twitter, look at their account – now go and look at 5 other high profile people which they follow.

This should give a good idea on how to set out a good Twitter profile.

Another option you have with your profile is pinning your tweets, so it is the first tweet your followers and other potential followers see when looking at your profile.

Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 23.19.46

Make sure it’s one that is relevant to your niche so that they get a good idea of the tweets you send out – also make it one your best tweets (which is most likely to make you money) to optimize the revenue it can get you.

Now you’ve got followers – you need to know who to follow.

Follow people relevant to your niche.

There’s a chance they will follow you back – which could then give you some of their followers.

Learn from them.

See the kind of tweets which they send out and see how their audience reacts to them, then copy the formula of their successful tweets.

Use Twitters advanced search feature to see who has been using keywords associated with your niche. Follow them.

Another group you must follow are – expert bloggers from your niche.

Subscribe to the top ten bloggers from your niche. You can do this by adding their links to a tool called FeedDemon which will notify you when they post a new blog.

Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 23.03.58

Be one of the first to comment on their blog posts – often the successful bloggers get hundreds of tweets about their blog posts. Be the first. Write something positive e.g. This article helped me because… it helped me with my own business because now I (insert subtle self promotion).

Always explain why you’re giving a compliment like I showed you above.

This helps you engage with bloggers in your niche, which could then get them to notice you and will put your name on their radar, and the radar of their followers.

Try to create a relationship with influential bloggers and other people related to your niche.

This is really what you should be focusing your efforts on.

Engage with them.

Ask them questions.

Find out their tips and tricks.

Not only will it give you useful information, it will also get you noticed.

How often should you tweet?

According to research the optimal amount of times to tweet is 14 times per day from 8 am to 10 pm – never more than once per hour.

On weekends, roughly seven times per day – roughly every 3 hours.

Mix your tweets up, don’t let them just be text based. Tweet videos or images. Images are said to get you roughly 94% more retweets than just normal tweets.

Most importantly – stay focused.

Stay relevant and keep it high quality.

If someone is excited to pass on your message, additional branding and visibility follows.

Remember that your followers can be anyone – you only need one follower who is raving mad about your content and that could gain you hundreds if not thousands of followers – which in turn will gain you thousands more followers on top of that!

It’s easy and fun growing your Twitter followers.

As I said – it’s like a video game.

Now that you’ve got this step by step guide – get to work.

Create your profile.

Connect with your audience.

Attract your first fans.

Fill up your wallet.