In this tutorial, I’m going to work you through a very different and, possibly, even more favorable way to start making money on Amazon as an affiliate. I’ll give details of exactly how Amazon Associates works and think about whether or not it is as good as it appears.

With this method of making money or generating passive income on Amazon, you don’t need to see or lay a hand on any product. Furthermore, you don’t even have to own a product of your own. You won’t have to do any kind of selling either. Amazon takes charge of all that for you. This is a money making method that, with time and effort, may well earn you even a lot more money than selling a product on Amazon.

Here are what you don’t need;

  • You don’t need a website
  • You don’t need any skill
  • You don’t need a content
  • You don’t need to make a video

You can outsource everything as you don’t need any idea specifically. I will show you how to do it.

I put together six (6) easy to follow steps;

  1. Signup for Amazon Associates
  2. Find a product to promote
  3. Find related YouTube video (Reviews, etc.)
  4. Go to and hire someone to create similar video
  5. Upload and rank your video on YouTube.
  6. BANK HARD $$$

Now, let me explain each steps in detail;

Step 1:

Signup for Amazon Associates

Very easy! Just Go Here and create a free account!


You need to find a product to promote on Amazon.

You know, Amazon has a large number of products in their listing. You can’t just pick out any product and be expecting good earning by promoting such product. There are certain rules that you will need to utilize in order to locate the most valuable product for you to promote. Listed below are 5 golden rules to take into consideration in other to decide on the right Amazon product to promote.

  • The price tag have to be quite high
  • The product must be a big hit or bestselling
  • The product need to have more than 4.5 star rating/review
  • There is adequate demand of the product in the search engine
  • Go for product with more than 25 positive reviews

The method we are going to use right here is; we are not going to do any paid advertising because I don’t want you to have any investment, We are not going to do SEO because SEO is basically dead. What we are going to do is; we are going to do YouTube Ranking, YouTube Marketing, YouTube SEO because that’s the only SEO that’s not dead yet.


Find related YouTube video (Reviews, etc.)

What we actually going to do in this step is to go to YouTube and just type in something that has to do with review as you only need review of the product you wish to promote.

Once you get the video related to the product you wish to promote, you will need to hire someone to create similar video. If you can make the video on your own, then go for it because it will probably be better since will see the product you’re reviewing and also sees someone doing the review. But if you can’t do it, you need to follow the next step.


Go to and hire someone to create similar video for you

This step is really simple since fiverr has tons of gigs or services where people simply create presentation, slide shows, or actual video. You can even hire an actual spoke person who stands there and gives the review for the product.

Here is how to do that; once logged in to, you can locate a video creation gig by searching the site with the keyword “Create Video Review”, or by surfing the thumbnails on the Video category or subcategory pages.

And to place an order or hire the person, you need to first sign up on Fiverr before placing orders.

From within the marketplace of the person you would like to hire, click the thumbnail of the person’s Gig. Once you’re on the Gig page, make sure you go through the description of the service the person is offering. You can also look at the customer reviews or the seller’s work samples further down the page before placing your order.

Now, let’s talk about the most important part of this money making tutorial which is the fifth step.


Upload and Rank Your Video on YouTube!

Now it’s time to rank the video on YouTube. However, this is not that easy to do but it is pretty easy if you actually know what you’re doing. I said it is not easy because most people don’t really know what they are doing. So, it will be kind of hard to this set of people.

The first step in ranking a YouTube video is to know your keyword and make sure a lot of people are searching for that same keyword.

Now let me show you how to quickly speed-rank a YouTube video.

What you need to do is a Software called VideoSniper Pro! <– Click Here To Check It Out


What you really need to do when it comes to YouTube is two things; there is always the “OnPage” part meaning, the title, the description, and the tags; and there is the “OffPage” part meaning how your video is actually promoted (how many views, likes and comments you get).

Take the keyword you want to rank for and put it in the software and the software will do the job for you.  For example, let’s say you want to rank a video for “Sony a6000 review”, you will take this keyword and place it in the keyword provided box inside the software and make sure you check “Generate Video Details” box because that would create a perfect title, perfect description, and perfect tags by reverse engineering the YouTube algorithm analyzing your competition.


What people don’t understand is that they can’t make it up all by themselves but what the software does is; it goes to YouTube and analyses the other videos that already ranks for the keyword and takes the phrases that made them rank from their descriptions and gives it out to you which you can use to outrank them. The software also gives you more unique keywords which you can also use to rank high.

Go to “video details” on the software and it will basically present you with the perfect title, perfect description, and perfect tags to use to actually rank your YouTube video for this specific keyword. After that, click on your keyword and it will generate all the information that you need.

The software also has a “Social Engagement” feature that will get your High Retention YouTube Views by watching other people’s videos! You can use this feature to promote your video in the software with thousands of other users.



Amazon is actually one of the best affiliate marketing programs out there, and it is a worthwhile option for generating a good income daily. You can see with the help of the tutorial just how fast you can become an Amazon Associate and generate income from home promoting Amazon products.