How You Can Make Money From YouTube

Everybody looks at YouTube and sees the millions which some YouTubers make, from making some pretty simple videos. I probably wouldn’t be wrong in guessing that you’ve once looked at it and thought ‘Anyone could do that!’

Well for anyone who has actually tried – it is nowhere near as easy as it looks.

Having to gather thousands upon thousands of subscribers, as well as regularly posting to keep them interested, with fresh interesting content is nowhere near as easy as it looks.

In this article I will teach you how to make money from YouTube, without going through the process of gathering thousands of subscribers, to make a small amount from AdSense.

Of course the methods that I’m going to show you, will not be easy and will require some work, although this is the case with making any money online.

The first and one of the most consistent ways of making money is by renting out your videos. This was something which I discovered after people started getting in touch with me about putting their links on my videos.

It was simple, I charged them a monthly fee (generally ranging between $150-$500, depending upon how much traffic the video was getting) and they placed an annotation on my video, with an advertisement for their product.

There have even been occasions where the product hasn’t related to my video! The best part of this is that the company still got sales from the links on my video, meaning that they kept coming back for more!

This will work on any type of YouTube video – someone always has a product which they want to sell.

As I mentioned earlier, this cannot happen without work – you need to have traffic on a video before anybody is interested in selling their product on it.

This is something I will cover later when I give advice on SEO.

The one problem which you will face when renting out your videos is that you can’t just use any link with YouTube annotations.

You must use a link with a URL which is verified with your YouTube account. This is very easy to get around, all you have to is download a plugin which is called Pretty Link, this will allow you to use any link even if it isn’t verified with your YouTube account.


Launch jacking is another one of my tried and tested methods of making money on YouTube and getting my video to the top of, both the YouTube search results and even the highest ranked search result on Google!

All you have to do is get a video to the the top before a new product is released.

This is more complicated than renting out your videos, so I’m going to break it down into steps:

1 – The Product

You need to find a product to advertise – I use a website like Warrior JV which has a huge list of soon to be launched products which you can promote.

Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 21.28.03

Here’s what you need to look for in a product:

  • Something that’s still not launching for a while (so you have time to get to the top of the search results page), generally I use something that’s launching in around 2 weeks +
  • Has a large prize money, a lot of the ones I’ve used have a prize pool of $10,000+ as these are generally very popular
  • A good quality landing page (something that doesn’t look like it was designed when the internet was just created…)
  • An obscure name

Below is the perfect example of a landing page – it looks professional, has an obscure name and a large prize pool.


The reason that an obscure name is good (such as Bay Profits Academy) is that it is a product with obscure keywords – if you were to use a product such “More Instagram Followers” it would be very hard to rank because it will be overshadowed by other Instagram related web sites.

“Bay Profits Academy” is much easier to rank as it has to very obscure keywords which will be a lot less used and therefore will be much easier to use to rank with.

2 – Preparation

Now you’re going to need a video, but first you’re going to make sure that you have something to promote.

Get in touch with the person selling the product and make a request for a demo video, if they’ve already uploaded one – ask them if you can use it.

If this doesn’t work make your own video where you talk about the soon to be launched product (or you can just pay somebody on Fiverr to do it) – all you need is a random video which you can rank.

When you have a video, start a YouTube channel with the keywords as the username.

Examples for ‘Bay Profits Academy’ are:

  • Bay Profits Academy
  • Bay Profits Academy Review
  • Bay Profits
  • Bay Profits Review
  • Bay Profits Academy Bonus

(Anything like this is fine)

The more words in the name, the more combinations that you can use.

3 – Ranking

This is where you’re going to dominate the market.


Well, to put it simply – people are lazy. Most people will make the videos and upload them, they won’t bother with SEO. As they don’t do this they do not realise just how much more money they could be making.

Upload your video and optimize it using target keywords.

For “Bay Profits Academy” I would use:

  • Bay Profits Academy
  • Bay Profits Academy Review
  • Bay Profits
  • Bay Profits Review

Use them in the video description and then you are ready to have your video ranked.

SEO is the way forward.

SEO is when you get something ranked on the first page of the search results – optimize your video to get that spot. I’ll cover that in the next section.

Once your video is ranked, wait until launch day – you will start to get sales which generally lasts between 7 and 14 days.

This method is a thousand times better than waiting for AdSense, YouTube monetization rates are very low – and as you probably know the average money people get from YouTube makes all the effort some people put into their channels, definitely not worth it.

Now I’m going to talk about Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is by far the best way to draw traffic and best of all – it’s real traffic from real people.

One way of doing this is by buying bulk PBN packages from places such as Fiverr and YouTube Devils, get the really cheap ones, as well as things like video embeds.

I especially recommend YouTubeDevils for this service as they’re reliable and always perform on what they promise.

Here’s something I would do:

Purchase a GSA blast of 10,000+ links, as well as 250+ YouTube embeds – finally get 100+ poor quality PBN posts once again I recommend YouTubeDevils for a good reliable service.

While this may sound a little basic – it does work – I’ve used it to rank many different videos, some of which are from extremely competitive areas.


Although rankings are great – they’re not the only thing you have to rely on.

Video Optimization is a fantastic way for people to find your video. This is a great way to get a MASSIVE amount of traffic.

Tags are a great thing when publishing a video, use them wisely along with a good description.

Tags are great and can count for around 50% of your views.

This is because tags enable your video to appear in the sidebar of what to watch next on a video as well as making your video appear in the recommended section on the YouTube homepage.

I cannot emphasise how important tags are, and how if you don’t use them properly – YouTube could hide the video, forever…

An example of how tags work is this:

You’ve made a video selling a razor, a person is watching one of your competitors videos advertising a different razor, your video now pops up in the recommended section. The potential client then clicks your video and decides to buy your razor instead of your competitors!

Your competitors could literally be handing you clients.

This is just the surface of the different ways which you can profit off YouTube.

Now I don’t want to give all the secrets of the trade away as my knowledge on making money from YouTube is largely indebted to this amazing online course which I took, called TubeMillionaire.

Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 21.32.28

I was once desperate to make money off YouTube and tried (and failed) in doing so, by just creating content which I thought people wanted to see. Which is when I discovered this course.

While the content you may be creating is not as fun (you won’t be told to do any cinnamon challenges anytime soon), it will be content which makes you money and this course is exactly what I needed to teach me how to do that.

Oh, and my final words.

DO NOT try and sell links in the comment section e.g. ‘I earn $1500 a week with this quick and easy method – just click on this link…’

Nobody believes it and YouTube just filter out the links anyway so nobody will see them.

Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 21.33.09

Making money online isn’t easy and nobody gets rich without hard work, although if you follow my tips then you could be very quickly on the road to success – if you’re willing to put the work in.