Most people try to drive traffic via Twitter using only one account. They think it’s enough to simply post good quality content and follow a few targeted people a day. Then they realize that this won’t bring them any sales or conversions and they stop promoting their offers on Twitter.

In this Tutorial I want to show you a method on how to make money on twitter that I am using on many of my Accounts (yes I own more than one account) which generates me thousands of unique pageviews per day and results and massive amounts of sales!

Over the last few months Twitter has become my 2nd main source of traffic right after google and followed by YouTube.


What You Will Learn


           • How to optimize your Twitter Account to get more Traffic

           • How to optimize your Tweets to get a higher CTR

           • How to get more Targeted Followers – The Twitter Mix

           • How to use FollowLiker & SocialOomph to automate your efforts


Optimizing Your Twitter Account

In this part I want to explain to you how important it is to actually have a well designed and audience-optimized twitter account when it comes to promoting your services.

One good looking account can get you more sales than 100 spam accounts. You should always keep that in mind since a lot of people nowadays spam twitter to death which in my opinion brings absolutely nothing.

I want to start off with showing you 2 examples of perfectly optimized Twitter Accounts that I am using on a regular basis to promote my sites.

One of my secondary Twitter Accounts that I am using for promotion.


The Bio

You can see that these accounts both have professional looking pictures which will make your potential customers trust you and your site more. In this case I am promoting my blog and my social media marketing site.

In the Bio I have posted a link to a youtube video that explains how to get 100,000 Real Targeted Twitter Followers (which has already generated me around $50k in profits but that’s another story).

This is very important since it is the first thing people will check out when they visit your twitter profile for the first time.

You can do that with all kinds of explanation videos in all kinds of niches.

Where to put my website link?

In the „website link section“ I have posted an actual link to the website where I want my followers to go to and buy my services.

If your profile looks good and you target the right people the chances are high that your link will be clicked.

Pin your tweet


This is a pretty neat and relatively new feature twitter introduced some months ago.

It enables you to make your most important tweet showing up as the very first one on the top of your profile.

You should always inlcude the link to your webiste or sales video in this tweet.

This tweets needs to have thousands of retweets and favorites since this will make people think that it is really a big thing that you have to offer (social proof).

Have a look at how I do it:

Finding Good Things To Tweet

You can have the highest amount of followers and they can be targeted as hell. If you can’t compose interesting tweets people will not click your links!

To be honest: The best way to produce good tweets is to steal them. Or at least kind of steal them.

Just go to some of the popular accounts in your niche and check out their tweets. Pick the ones with the highest amounts of retweets and call it your own.

Of course even now and then you can also post your own original stuff especially when you want to promote a new product of yours like your own blog.


How To Get Targeted Twitter Followers

What most people do wrong when it comes to getting more twitter followers is they don’t see the whole picture.

Some people think it is enough to buy some followers, some think buying some shoutouts will help them to blow up.

The reality is that if you only do one of these things you will never grow a big twitter accoount.

Just like there is a „Marketing Mix“ there is a what I call a „Twitter Mix“ and it consists of 4 things.


The Twitter Mix


1. Buy Bot Followers


This is a critical point since many people disagree with my opinion here. They say buying bot followers is not good and has no point. The people who say this are absolute noobs and have no idea how twitter marketing really works and that every big account has a good amount of bot followers.

The fact is: No one will ever follow someone on twitter if he sees that he only has 10 or even a few hundred followers. The number is simply not big enough. It looks like nothing.

In order to make people think that you are already a big deal, you will have to change the look of your followers count a little bit.

Simply add 10,000 to your profile by buying them from one of the providers out there.

When people see a profile that has 10,000 followers they are like forced to follow you. This concept is called „Social Proof“.

10k are enough if it is a new account. Once your accont gets older and you gain tons of real followers you will need to buy more and more bot followers to keep your ratio good and make your profile look more attractive.

The best site I found to buy followers on twitter is HowDoIGetFollowers.Net


to make money on twitter

2. Follow Targeted People In Your Niche


There are 2 easy methods you can use to do this.

– Use to mass follow targeted people in your niche. I love this tool since it basically allows you to analyse Twitter Users in so much detail it is insane.

You can see when they logged into their account the last time, when they pusblished their last tweet, make a list, sort them and then follow them in one click with a plugin called „Select All On Tweepi“ for Google Chrome.

Using my personal mass following technique I am able to reach a follow back rate of around 30-40%.

So when I follow 100 users I can be sure that 30-40 of them will follow me back.


Also check out my famous video Tutorial on how to effectively use Tweepi to gain more real targeted followers by Clicking Here!

– Go to a popular twitter profile in your niche and manually follow all the people who retweeted their tweets. This way you make sure that you are only following active people and the response rate is very high.


3. Let A Whole Network Of Active Twitter Accounts Retweet Your Tweets


Now this part maybe seems kind of complicated if you had never anything to do with twitter marketing yet. But actually it is very easy.

You probably ask yourself right now: What the hell is he talking about?

Okay let me explain it to you:

It is a fact that the „real“ twitter marketing, the one where you get 1000’s of uniques a day and make hundreds of sales, is never just simply done by using one account!

The real magic of twitter comes with the so called „Twitter Farms.“ As you probably can imagine it is about owning a bunch of active twitter accounts that are performing specific tasks 24/7.

You basically use a bot that allows you to manage 1000’s of account and let them retweet and favorite tweets, follow other users or reply to their tweets.

This way you will build a massive network of twitter accounts that all have hundreds, if not thousands of real followers themselves.

So if you then use these accounts to retweet your main account’s tweets you can only imagine what kind of impact this has on your traffic.

So now I will explain how to set such a network up! Don’t worry you will not have to actually own all of these accounts yourself! But you can if you want.

There are 2 ways to go about this:

– Buy massive amounts of Twitter Accounts and build up your own network (which takes pretty long and can be expensive). If you are interested in actually doing this you need to check out my FollowLiker Tutorial which I will publish very soon right here on this Blog.

– Simply hire someone to add your account to their network and receive automatic instant retweets on all of the tweets you post. I am personally using this service –> Instant Retweets Service

Check out this video on what kind of effects such a network has:


4. Always Use The Right Hashtags To Go Viral


I can not stress how important it is to use the right hashtags in your tweets. I gained a big amount of followers on @mmmichaelkohler simply by making tweets trend for a specific hashtag.

Once your tweet becomes the „TopTweet“ for a specific hashtag people will see it, follow you and click your links.

The tweet will also be marked with a blue „Top Tweet Icon“ which will also make it stand out infront of other tweets.

That’s the main reason why you should set up your account with the „Instant Retweets Service“.

If you implement all these steps you will gain thousands if not hundred thousands of real, targeted followers who will actually click your links and buy your services.

But remember: Leaving one of these steps out can ruin your whole twitter campaign. So make sure you do everything exactly as it is described.


How To Use FollowLiker & SocialOomph To Automate Your Efforts

Follow Liker is by far the best Twitter Bot I have worked with so far. Years ago there was another one called „TweetAttacks“ which was a beast too but unfortunately they are not active anymore.

I made a little video tutorial on how to set up FollowLiker for one Account. Of course you can use it with multiple accounts but I will explain how this works in my FollowLiker Tutorial which I will publish soon here on my blog.

You can get FollowLiker for one account but also for unlimited accounts and this version is with it’s $97 pretty affordable.


Another great site I work with to automate my Twitter Campaigns is called „SocialOopmh“.

I mainly use it for two functions: „Automated Tweeting“ and „Auto Direct Messaging“.

Of course you can use FollowLiker to let your account(s) post tweets spread all over the day but I just think Socialoomph allows you to do way more fancy stuff when it comes to this.

For example it let’s you set a time when you want them to post the same tweet again.


Schedule Your Tweets The Smart Way


This is a great feature which allows you to basically automate the whole tweeting part of twitter marketing.

You can simply schedule a bunch of tweets over a whole week and set the recurring tweet option to „once every week“.

Believe me it is a lot of work and can be a pain in the ass sometimes to schedule your tweets for one week. Since I also recommend to post one every hour.

This means you have to add 168 tweets for the whole week but when you realize that after that you will never have to post a tweet again on your own it is definately worth it.

Send Out DM’s


Socialoomph offers a nice little feature that let’s you automatically send out Auto Direct Messages to your new followers.

So for example if you gained 100 new followers a day, Socialoomph would send all of these people a custom DM.

All you have to do is set up your custom DM once and set the limit of daily DM’s to be send out. I personally set this limit to 80.

From now on all of your new followers will get a nice greeting DM from you once they pushed the follow button.

To be honest though, twitter DM’s will not increase your traffic that much. So I would not even recommend to put your website link into these messages since people are used to be spammed all day long via DM’s.

I recommend just using this feature to build a connection with your followers or maybe even start a conversation to make them interested in what you have to offer.

Wrapping It up

I really hope you enjoyed this Tutorial and now know how to make money on twitter.

As I said be sure to implement all the shown steps above and you will be successful with this Strategy for sure.

Feel free to click the Share Buttons below and see you next time!