How To Make Money On Facebook

Facebook. It’s the biggest social media audience you can get.

Yet it is seemingly almost impossible to tap into.

I’ve tried many different methods of trying to make money on Facebook but the ways I’ve tried have just been time consuming – I just didn’t have the time to manually post and join different groups all day.

Many internet ‘make money quick’ advisor claims that a ‘Click = Money in Your Pocket’ – this is rarely the case.

Although it maybe close to impossible to make money with a single click – there is a way to make money with just a few.

To do this you just have to follow a simple process, one that I shall outline in this blog post.

I will teach you how to:

  • How to make a landing page which will collects emails.
  • Make a landing page which redirects to an affiliate offer.
  • How to create a successful Facebook page, with a large – engaged following.
  • How to turn this into money!

1 – You need a landing page

Making a landing page is much easier than you probably think.

I’ve made some pages in just a few minutes.

You do need to have some hosting for your landing page, I generally use Blue Host for when I’m working on projects such as this.

An example of a simple landing page which can generate TONS of traffic:


Once a client signs up they will be redirected to an affiliate offer.

Just to be clear – you do not have to collect emails, you could instead just spam an affiliate link in Facebook groups, yet this is generally unsuccessful and you will not make any money this way.

When I create a landing page I use WP Profit Builder, it’s simply a WordPress plugin,but if you want to use it you MUST have hosting.

Once you have created a landing page you’ve got to think what you must offer people in exchange for their emails.

This is simple.

Think of something which is related to the group of people which you are targeting, and then write a few hundred words about it.

It will then be sent to the client through autoresponder when they have signed up. I like to use Get Response, they’re great as they have a 30 day free trial, so if you decide it’s not for you – just opt out.


I will go into further detail about this later.

More about the money first.

Once you have got someone to opt in, they will get directed to your offer.

For example, if you are targeting people looking at computer hardware, write something like ‘Top 10 Graphics Cards of 2016’ or something along those lines.

Once they have signed up they will receive your offer in an email.

And the best bit.

You now have their email for any future promotions you do.

2 – Find something to promote

Now you have two things:

  1. A website
  2. And a landing page

Now you need an offer.

First you’ve got to find an offer which is related. I like to use the Warrior Plus Website which has a whole host of offers which you can choose from.

Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 21.28.03

This is the offer which you will send the client to after they have signed up.

Other places you can find offers are Commission Junction and ShareASale.

Think creatively about your offers and share it to the relevant Facebook group. (Such as computer hardware groups if you are doing offers based around selling computer parts)

I’ve done this kind of thing before and I have done very well.

You’ve just got to think outside the box and this will turn those (several) clicks into cash.

The offer will then be linked to your signup form so that the autoresponder can use it.

3 – Create a Facebook page

Create a Facebook page related to your offer.

Just give it a profile picture and a cover photo related to the offer.

Only do one or two posts promoting the offer, as you don’t have a following.


4. Now you’ve got to post to Facebook to make profits!

Now there are several ways of doing this.

Ways that work.

And ways that don’t.

Here’s one that does:

You need a target audience right?

As I said earlier, posting to groups and joining groups is a long slow process.

Thats where following services come in. Now I’ve tried a lot of these, and the most reliable one is HowDoIGetFollowers.

Screen Shot 2016-08-11 at 11.34.08

They give you genuine, targeted followers.

Their promise is that they give you the amount of targeted followers which you want, by advertising your page all over Facebook and when their service has gotten you your desired amount of likes they stop advertising.

This is crazy.

They are literally giving you targeted, real followers who are actually interested in your product, an almost guaranteed sale to each and everyone of them.

While it may require a small investment the returns can be massive.

The best thing?

This page can then be used over and over.

If you do this process you can reuse the page – give the page an ambiguous name (so that you can reuse the page without your new offer looking out of place) and when you start a different offer you will already have a following.

All you need to do is give your page a makeover by changing the profile picture and cover photo, to something which is related to your new offer.

There’s also a way that you can do something similar to this through YouTube here’s the article.

Now you’re set, you’ve got the offer and you’ve got the following to advertise it to.

You will make money when you post on Facebook, but the follow up emails are what will really bring in the dough.

Join the following Facebook groups (not to post to just to find products to promote)

  • JV Launch Calendar
  • JV Launch Notifications

These groups soul purpose are to find marketers to promote products or courses which they have created.

Find a product that’s about to launch. (Don’t do more than one, it doesn’t work as well)

When you find a product get all of its details such as: important dates, email swipes, the link you need, as well as lots of other information.

Screen Shot 2016-08-11 at 11.35.09

Here’s an example of one of the products which you can promote.

If you’re responsible for a sale you could receive over $400! If you make a few more this could easily get you thousands of dollars!

2 days before launch you must send out an email to your subscribers promoting your product.

Make sure you hype it up and properly explain what it is.

Still put your affiliate link in these emails, even though the product hasn’t been released yet – customers can still see what the product is.

On the day before launch, send one email in the morning and another in the afternoon. Just like day 1 continue to build up hope.

Next, the final day.

This is launch day.

1 email in the morning telling everyone the product is live.

1 email at lunch talking about how much of a hit the product is.

1 final email in the afternoon letting them know that they are missing out.

After launch day send 1 or 2 emails a day just telling the clients if they do not purchase soon the price of the product will go up. This draws any customers who were thinking about buying the product.

Continue doing this for another few days, until the sale stops.

Now you should have made a massive return, from not much work!

Once you’ve done this successfully once or twice, branch out! Have a few projects going at once on multiple different accounts and you could really start raking in some serious cash.

Try to upscale as much as you can handle.

After sometime change the appearance of your landing pages, this can make a huge difference as it makes your client feel like they’re looking at something new, instead of the same old stuff.

I still work on this on and off depending upon how much time I have, as it really does work and is a great source of income – if you can get it right.

While you may not make amazing money off this method, this is still a fantastic way to make some healthy cash for your pocket – without too much effort.