People often ask me how to get on the Instagram explore page? This is the section of the app which shows pictures from accounts which you are not following.

The perfect place to get new followers – if you can get your content on it.

For any business this is the perfect place to get followers to your account who follow and like accounts similar to your own. If they see you on the explore page they are very likely to at least like your post and if you have good content – follow you, and potentially become a client.

In this post you will learn how to:

– Grow your account

– Use the explore page

– Use hashtags to their full potential

I spent ages trying to work out how to get ranked on the explore page back when I was studying Instagram, I eventually learnt the secrets which I will teach you that I used to make my pictures go viral.

To do this you simply need to follow two simple steps:

Post a picture and add a simple caption, below is an example of two pictures from my personal account and the captions which I put:

mike 2

mike 1
















As you can see both pictures got a lot of likes and a good amount of comments (people rarely comment on pictures on Instagram) – which are REAL. This is good as it adds authenticity to your account.

Next add a comment with loads of hashtags in the comments section, this stops your caption from becoming cluttered but also allows you to utilize hashtags. I generally recommend using about 20 so that you can reach the widest audience possible.

Here are the hashtags which I used underneath one of my lifestyle pictures:




As you can see they are all related in some way to the picture which I posted meaning that if a person who is viewing this hashtag, or likes photos with similar hashtags my photo will appear on their explore feed.

The keywords which you use in your hashtags can be highly competitive such as: ‘Travel’ and ‘Luxury’ because if this is successful on that hashtag, your picture really could go viral.

Although this technique is useful, this alone will not guarantee you a place on the explore page.

Pictures are always being posted to Instagram with various hashtags, meaning that pictures which are older than 24 hours will be bumped off the explore page to be replaced with whatever is fresh and new.

This means that you have a very small time frame to ensure your picture gets the spotlight on the explore page. To ensure that you do you need one thing – fast likes.

You need at least 2500 to 3000 fast, instant likes, to rank on the lower end explore pages, although if it is a higher end hashtag, you will need more. The best way to do this if you are growing a business is to obtain instagram engagements.

This will allow you to get an almost instant stream of likes which will then rank your picture, and draw in thousands of real likes.

Of course this is not for free but if you have real motivation the small fee is worth the huge payout. For quick, cheap and guaranteed likes I always use: Click Here To Get On The Instagram Explore Page!

Simply go to their website and purchase one of their packages, and they will guarantee that you will get that amount of likes on your photo.


screenshot 1


I recommend starting out with 2000 likes, and working from there. One problem with this method is time. You cannot get the likes until you have posted the photo, meaning that you could lose valuable time of being featured on the explore page.


auto likes


That’s why I have purchased one of the monthly packages:

These packages give me one month of guaranteed, immediate likes as soon as I post a picture. I have tested it and it usually takes a maximum of ten minutes for the engagements to come through.

The packages also come with FREE followers! Which is great for social proof.

My methods will work in any niche – just make sure you tailor your hashtags to suit your target audience! Be sure to check out my other blog posts for more tips and tricks with Instagram.

I hope you have learnt something from this post!