Instagram Marketing Case Study

Welcome to my case study on growing your Instagram page and getting more exposure, and engagements. Today I am going to show you how I went from being hopelessly lost on how to get people liking my stuff, to running one of the largest luxury travel Instagram pages.

The case study will be divided into the following sub sections:

  • Introduction
  • Products that don’t work
  • What I found that works best for me
  • Bonus video of live results


I own an Instagram page called @luxury.travelz, and I have been looking for a good way to get more engagements, likes and followers for a very long time now.

I tried everything, from trying to tweet about it to even buying ads on other websites, but unfortunatly this did not go very well, as I didn’t get the results that would make the investment worth my time and money.

This Tutorial is about How To Get More Instagram Likes & Followers.

So, I decided to look into the different products on the market for this, and began my research.

It took a lot of searching, but I finally found what I was looking for. So today I am going to show you the good and the bad of Instagram marketing tools and methods, and what I recommend.

As for the results, in very little time I was able to grow my Instagram page from this:


to this:


Products that don’t work

When I first started looking for ways to increase engagements and fans on my page, I found that you can buy bots that apparently get you more followers and fans.

I can first of all say that you have to be very careful with these things, because I actually bought an Instagram bot on a forum that said it could get me 10000 likes every picture I post, and 100,000 users instantly for $200.

The software didn’t work, and the seller was also very quickly gone. It’s a big hassle, which is why I am sharing this case study with you today to help you avoid the mistakes I made and get straight onto success with the products I use today.

The second thing I came across was buying likes, and I found this site where you can pay something like $10 for 10,000 followers, and you would have thought that I learnt from my previous mistake, as this clearly did not work either.

What I can say though is that I did find a legit site that sells followers and likes but just not for so cheap, because if you think about it there is no way it can be legit if it is so cheap for so many followers/likes.

What does work

I was then, once again looking around on the web and stumbled across this website,, which offer an automatic Instagram likes package.

I was very interested because if this worked it would be perfect for my page, but at first I was very doubtful about whether it was going to work or not, however the website did look very reputable and has some very good reviews.

Here is the description of the service on their site:


Great, so these likes will come pretty much instantly after I post a picture!

They also had a section about why you should buy get them, and I agree with it completely:


Having studied psychology a bit myself at school, I remembered ‘social proof’ and at once it all made sense to me. The more likes I already had, the more I would get on top of it! Very intriguing.

To be very honest with you, I was convinced that this was WAY too good to be true, but I decided to take the risk because if it did work, it would bring my business to the next level.

I scrolled down some more, and saw this section:

is it safe

Ok, so at least they don’t need my password and it isn’t that expensive, so I’ll give it a shot.

I signed up for the automatic likes package, and posted a picture, and I waited.

30 seconds later, and no likes… I thought damn, I’ve been scammed again! But before I could even finish that thought I saw I got a like.. and another one.. and another one!

The like started pouring in and before I knew it I had 200 likes which had been a completely new milestone for me, and people were commenting too!

At the end of this case study there is a video I made showing the live results after posting a picture.

What works best for me

The Automatic Likes service by is superb, and I use it non stop all the time. They have superb customer support too, and always answer any questions I have very quickly.

I looked around on their site more and saw that they sold instagram followers too which scared me because I’d been scammed before, but knowing they were legit I tried it too, bought 10,000 followers and ended up getting over 20,000! I now get thousands of engagements weekly with my content, and could not be happier.

BONUS: The Video

Instagram Auto Likes

As you can see, the likes came in almost instantly and once they came in they just kept going!

And after trying this again and again it kept working, in fact I am still using it to this very day. This service has helped me rank higher on Instagram, which is getting me even more likes than I am paying for.

Wrapping up

I hope you enjoyed this case study as much as I enjoyed writing it!

I made all the mistakes, now you don’t have to. So if you are looking to get more likes follow what I said in this guide and you can’t go wrong!

Warning: I have seen some of the prices go up recently so I suggest if you are going to do it to do it as fast as possible, so you can profit from it most.