A question which I often get asked is: How do I get leads without spending money?

Advertising can become very expensive and anyone who wants to start a business online wants to make as big of an impact as possible, by spending as little as possible.

Makes sense.

Instead of responding to everyone individually to tell them the strategies which I have used in the past, I have decided to publish my 4 favorite and free strategies of generating 100 free leads a day on my blog.

If money is tight right now and advertising is not an option – do not worry – we have all been there, you will work through it. Trust me.

The strategies I am going to show you will generate over 100 free leads a day – if you follow my advice properly -you could get over 3000 free leads every month.

Each of the methods I will show you are based on a different platform of social media – I will get straight to the point, I have a lot to say so I will show you the methods as clearly as possible. Do not skim through this article if you are serious about generating hundreds of leads and making a lot of money.

Method 1 – Facebook


Facebook group posting, there are thousands upon thousands of groups on Facebook which are related to every single niche imaginable, from cars to scuba diving to making money – there is a group for everyone.

Often with thousands of members, who are there for you to freely advertise to.

First find groups which have lots of members and are part of your niche – for example if you sell car parts, make sure to join used car groups and other groups to do with cars. If you’re interested in making money make sure to join my new Facebook group as well, for more videos, tips and blogs on making money – I also have another group specifically to help with YouTube as well!

Once you have joined these groups go through and post a message along with a link to your landing page to each of these groups.

There are two important rules you must follow here:
DO NOT SPAM A SINGLE GROUP – If you spam a single group with loads of posts, you will get banned by the group or Facebook
DO NOT ATTEMPT TO JOIN OR POST TO MORE THAN 10 GROUPS AT A TIME – If Facebook picks up on you doing this you will get banned for sometimes several days, post to 10 groups and then leave it for 24 hours.

As long as you get ten people from each group you post to to sign up, bam there’s 100 clicks and if 3 people sign up from each group, you now have 30 new free leads.

Small – but a good start for a small business.

Method 2 – YouTube

youtube-moneyOkay I am going to admit it this method may be a little blackhat – but it is effective.

It’s pretty simple – copy and paste your link along with a message trying to get people to visit it, into the replies of the top comments of YouTube videos, within your niche.

You want to do this for multiple reasons.
Your comment won’t be marked as spam if you are replying to a comment
You don’t need to earn top comment (no one is going to upvote an advert) – you just need to piggyback off somebody else’s top comment
If it is within your niche people watching the video will be interested in your link

If the video is within your niche this will easily get you a ton of clicks per day – obviously the more you post the more likely people are to click your link.

If you’re interested in learning how to rank your own videos on YouTube, check out my TubeMillionaire course where I will show you how I ranked a video in 19 minutes!

Method 3 – Twitter and Instagram


Twitter is an easy one to dismiss, it’s full to the brim with people who are trying to sell you stuff and none of them are doing it properly – the difference between you and them is that you will know what you are doing.

Similarly with the YouTube method, find a famous person within your niche. For example if your niche is a making money blog, go to somebody famous within that niche such as Gary Vaynerchuk.

Do not bother following his followers, they will often be inactive or will not be interested in making money but could instead follow him just for the content he releases.

Instead go to his tweets and look at the people who engage with him – especially those who respond to his tweets. These people are going to be really targeted and will almost definit
ely be active.

Follow 100 of these people – if it is highly targeted 50 will follow back then maybe 20-30 people will also click the link in your bio and will get to your landing page.

You can also follow a similar method on Instagram – once again make sure that you do not follow fake accounts – it’s just a waste of your time!

Once again here is another 20-30 free leads a day. If you’ve followed the last 3 methods correctly then you should already be pretty close to your 100 leads a day!

Method 4 – Twitter and Instagram

2The final method which once again can be done on both Twitter and Instagram can simply done by getting yourself trending?

Yes, I know that’s not an easy thing to do but if you can get your post on the hashtags associated with your niche then you are doing well. For example if you are dealing in car parts if you can get your post on #usedcars, then people who are interested in your niche will most likely see your post, will become interested in your account and could potentially click the link in your bio.

Trending on a hashtag is not an easy thing to do if your account is still small and needs to grow. The way to trend or get on the explore page (with Instagram) is to get a lot of likes or retweets in a short space of time.

If I have just started a new business I often use autolikes and autoretweets from the guys at HowDoIGetFollowers.Net – every time you post they automatically add the likes or retweets which you signed up for. Guaranteeing you a place on the explore page or in trending.

Followers and likes are better for social proof and an account which looks more popular, is also more likely to gain followers. I often find followers are not the most vital part of an account – a solid bio is. In the end if your bio does not make people want to click on your link to see your landing page you are wasting your time!

You can still do this for free – these services just help to give you a boost and potentially save a lot of time.

If you want to learn how I got 100,000 Instagram followers in only 2 moths check out my free live webinar and sign up for one of my limited spaces on the course.

Final Thoughts

By following these 4 techniques you can easily get at least 100 free leads a day.

If you go and check out my Instaglory course I can show you how you can automate this stuff with next to no labour on your side – giving you more time to focus on the actual leads and other aspects of the business.

The course is normally $400 but right now if you follow this link you will get it for only $7 – but you’ve got to be quick! I will come to my senses soon and will take away the sale.

I am also giving away 3 free videos on the website as well – with even more great tips and tricks which you will only find on this blog and my other services.

Any thoughts? Leave them in the comments below!

I wish you all the best and hopefully you will successfully apply what you have learnt in this article in real life, and those free leads will come pouring in!