Running a Twitter account for your business isn’t as easy as you would think. If you already have a Twitter account with a small following for your business, you probably know how hard it is to keep your audience engaged, let alone build some form of relationship with your followers.

In this article I’ll tell you how to both build your following and to make those followers who aren’t as engaged with your business as you’d quite like, become more engaged with what you are posting.


First things first – cut out the automated tweets.

Everybody can tell when something has been written months in advance as it feels forced and fake, and even if people can’t tell – these tweets are never going to feel personal or engaging.

Write tweets which are about current affairs, make them relatable to the user (we all see just how much of a following those ‘relatable post’ pages get), go as far as trying to make your followers laugh! It will make them want to see what else you post!

Write something where people engage with you directly, this is what Twitter was designed for, spark some form of discussion where people reply to you. Set up a Twitter poll to get people thinking.

This adds a human to the account and makes people like you and is one of the most simple steps in developing loyal fans who want to see what you have to post, creating potential clients.

While automated tweets may seem great for saving you time and constantly posting to your followers – this method will not keep them engaged and will probably earn you more unfollows than follows.

Another method, which may involve you stepping outside of your comfort zone, is replying to other people’s tweets and initiating conversation with them. Decide who would be best for you to talk to – companies, people who have expressed interest in your business or just someone that you think would be good to talk to!

If you’re feeling confident you can even take the next step and create video responses to the people you are interacting with on Twitter, or just broadcast yourself to your followers.

This is very simple to do, when composing a Tweet click the camera option.

Then click the video camera and hold down on the record button to record your video. Similar to Snapchat you can create multiple shots, although they can be up to 30 seconds instead of 10 seconds.

It’s a great way of your followers seeing the person behind the account and really is a fantastic way of building relationships with your followers, as they see that you are putting time and effort into talking to them.

This is a great way of getting people to notice you. You can even create a list of people so that you can easily access the people you want to talk to, as your homepage can often be cluttered with stuff which won’t help your business.

To set up a Twitter list click on your profile photo and then select lists.


Click create new list, give it a name and set it to private (so that nobody can see it), then click Save List. To add somebody to your list select the icon next to ‘Following’ and click ‘Add or remove from lists’

Check your list as often as you can and make sure that you actively start conversations, these conversations will help create brand loyalty. Many companies use this technique to help both humanise and spread the word about their business.

If you haven’t guessed, the best way to utilise social media is by making friends. Don’t treat your followers as numbers and profit (which hopefully they can be), social media isn’t advertising, it’s being social. Make people feel engaged as they feel like they are talking with an actual person while at the same time create an interest in your brand.

It is the best way of creating brand loyalty.

Other people will see your interactions, creating interest in your account – generating even more followers.

Of course you can be even more personal with your followers and actually hold private conversations with them with direct messages. It’s a fantastic way to have one to one conversations with the people who follow you, it’s also useful for customer support.

Make sure that this feature is turned on, this can be done by accessing your account and changing your security and privacy settings.

Now this allows people who may have questions or just want to talk to you directly, to do so. You can have private conversations with them, while still using Twitter. Showing that you are open to private discussion shows your followers you aren’t a robot who is just trying to sell them a product but you are in fact a real person. You can be approached or even conversated with.

How I found the best way of actually getting followers who actually want to talk and interact with me, was when I stumbled across this website:

I paid a small price for their package, which then got me targeted followers – and don’t worry they’re not bots like those over websites. They simply advertise your account to targeted people who will then follow your account, they will then stop advertising when you have received the amount of followers which you paid for!

It’s a fantastic way of quickly growing your following, with real people who want to interact with you. They clicked follow, now you need to deliver.


In conclusion, you just need to be more human. You will develop real, loyal fans by actually creating some kind of personality for your account. Use Twitter for what it was intended for – to have conversations and to meet new people. It’s a much simpler way of getting loyal followers than just spamming them with stuff they don’t care about.

If you follow the instructions I have put in this post you will be certain to garner more interest from your followers, in turn creating more interest for your business, generating you cash, from doing some pretty basic use of social media.

Just remember – you are not a robot, don’t let your followers  think that.