How to Build an Instagram Fanbase

Instagram is the most popular photo sharing app in the world, with hundreds of millions of users it is a great place to advertise your product and to reach potential customers for your business, from all around the globe.

It has a fantastic discovery system, which allows users to see more of what they are already interested in – so if a user follows accounts which are based around a certain subject, instagram will then recommend accounts to them which are similar to the ones they already follow. Proving that it is the perfect place to find customers which already show an interest in products which are similar to yours! Of course getting your account featured on the discovery section of the app, is a completely different story, which I shall cover later…

Screen Shot 2016-07-20 at 21.40.20

Setting up an account for instagram is easy, download the app, fill in your personal details or the details of your business and you are set to go – although there is a massive difference between doing this well and doing this very badly, which could be the make or break for your profile. It may have good content but if your account does not look attractive enough on the outside, then a potential follower is not going to be interested in looking at anymore of what you have to offer.

The 3 steps to creating a perfect profile:

  1. You need an attractive display picture. A display picture should not be too detailed, as they are small and difficult to see on a phone screen and should generally be your company logo, or product so people understand what kind of account you are.
  2. Your display name should also be kept simple with the amount of numbers used kept to a minimum, (preferably none at all unless it is part of your company name) to keep your account name memorable, as well as easy to find if someone is searching you up, as instagram’s search system can be very specific.
  3. To finish creating the perfect profile you need the perfect bio – a short summary of your product, or the service your company provides. Something which can be read in a few seconds by an impatient instagram user, which will then grab their attention and make them interested in your page.

An example of a very well set up page is this one, owned by me:

Screen Shot 2016-07-20 at 21.42.53

Now that you have the perfect profile, you now need a way in which the content on your account can be seen by others, who have an interest in subjects related to what you post – and the best way to do this is with hashtags. When you post an image on instagram you are given the option to caption your image, of course commenting on what is in the picture within the description is perfectly fine – but this will not increase your reach. Take advantage of the caption by including hashtags which are related to your image and your account.

This means that anybody who searches up the same hashtag to one which you have attached to your image – your image will appear in the search results. This is all well and good but this means nothing unless you get enough traffic on your account in the form of likes and followers – which I will tell you how to increase later on.

Nothing is more impressive than having an account on instagram with a large following, although generally this takes months – even years to build up, and generally speaking the more followers you have, the more likely people are to follow you. This is because it legitimises your account – ‘If this many people trust and follow this account it must put out good content’ – is something which all users think when searching through pages which they find interesting, or believe will improve their feed.

The problem with accumulating a large following is that it takes time. Something which a business which wants to grow rapidly does not have. Which is why I recommend buying followers for your account, to give your company the following which you need others to see. To attract even more real, paying customers. There are a lot different websites which offer this service – many of which I have tried, and have been disappointed by. Often under delivering in the amount of followers promised, or not delivering at all – often very extortionate prices as well. This is why I recommend HowDoIGetFollowers which is the website I now swear by, when I want to rapidly increase the following on one of my new accounts.

Screen Shot 2016-07-21 at 16.54.15

It often over performs in its promised amount of followers and also has a retention guarantee, which means that they will automatically top up your followers, if for any reason you lose them – making it an incredibly reliable website at a very cheap rate for the long term service it will provide for your account.

Now that you have the perfect account along with a healthy amount of followers, you need the likes on your photos to back up what you advertise. Nobody likes an account with tons of followers but no likes to prove that they are real, this immediately shows that your account isn’t what it says it is and could put off a potential customer who now distrusts what you advertise. A large amount of likes on a photo puts you in both the explore queue, so that someone who looks at posts related to yours, (this is where the hashtags come in) will then view your photo and account whether they follow you or not, a high amount of likes on a post with hashtags on it will also put it at the top of results, for anybody looking up a hashtag related to one of your posts.

Once again the service which offers this, that I recommend is, where you can buy either automatic likes which like all the pictures you post for a monthly fee – or standard likes, which designate a selected amount of likes to a photo of your choice.

In summary an active instagram account could mean a very active business. If you would like to rapidly increase the reach of your business or provide proof to your customers that your business is already popular, then expanding your following and your likes could attract a huge amount of customers to your business. Social media is now one of the top places for businesses to get discovered and taking advantage of this would be the perfect opportunity for any growing business.