How to Get More Instagram Followers and Likes

In this guide, I am going to tell you everything you need to know about How To Get More Instagram Likes And Followers, and how you can start making some real money from it.

To make things easy and to make this guide easy to navigate, I have divided it up into 5 chapters.

What you will learn

  • Why You Should Use Instagram To Make Money
  • Picking a Niche
  • How To Set Up Your Account So It Converts
  • How to get more Likes and Followers (Most Important)
  • How to Monetize your account
  • EXTRA: My Secret Video (not on youtube) On How To Get More Likes!

Many people don’t know about the huge potential that Instagram has and the incredible effects it can have on your business marketing, so this means that there currently is fairly low competition.

I am going to teach you today how you can single handily take advantage of this and skyrocket your likes and followers, and turn your Instagram account into a money making machine. I have talked with people in the past who make a full time living from Instagram, and I am going to include some of their tips in this article. I myself am currently well on the way to getting there and by the time you’re reading this guide I am probably already making a comparable living from Instagram because the way it’s going now I am going to get there soon!

So without further ado, let’s get straight into the guide.

Why Use Instagram to make Money

Instagram is hugely overlooked by social media marketers. It is seen more as a ‘fan interaction’ platform rather than something that has serious traffic generation and money making potential.

As a result of this, the vast majority of marketers concentrate what they do on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. While all of these are great for generating traffic, they are used by almost everyone and therefore the competition on some niches is extremely high.

Instagram itself was recently bought by Facebook for a huge sum of 1 billion dollars. Instagram at the time was (and still) a free app, but there was no advertising or anything like that on there by Instagram themselves. Facebook bought Instagram purely out of fear that they would be overtaken by them one day and lose market share.

If a multi-billion dollar social media empire thinks that Instagram has such huge potential, then I think that is proof enough that it has huge potential.

Many people make money on Instagram, because you have the potential of driving truckloads of traffic from there when a photo goes viral.  This way you can drive traffic to your website or where ever you are selling a product etc, and then start making serious money from it.

Picking a Niche

The good thing about marketing on Instagram is that picking a niche is an incredibly easy thing to do, because very few are high competition, and anything would work. You could use Instagram to advertise anything from homemade jam to a stock trading platform very effectively!

This is what I love most about Instagram personally, and why I am using it more and more to promote my own businesses.

If you’re not already in any niche, I recommend choosing something that you are passionate about. There is no point pretending it’s not hard work, all success requires hard work. But this can be hell if you’re in a niche you hate, or a breeze if you’re in a niche that you are passionate about! The choice is yours.

Setting up Account, Bio, Profile Pic etc.

This is probably the most important part of this whole guide, so pay close attention.

Driving traffic to your account is easy, but converting those visitors into people who follow you, like your content and comment, that’s a different matter. It all lies in how you set your profile up, so let’s take a look at one of my Instagram accounts, and I’ll highlight what I did and what you need to do to make a highly successful account.

How To Get More Instagram Likes

How To Get More Instagram Likes

The first thing that you’ll probably notice when you look at this account, is the name.

The name of the account is very important as it needs to sum up in a couple of short words what the account is about. Here, it is clear exactly what you will find on this page, which is to do with luxury travelling.

The next thing you’ll notice is the bio, which not only includes similar keywords which give Instagram’s algorithm and the potential fan a list of what you do. It also includes a well converting link, because of the question before it and the fact that the account has a lot of followers.

Later in this guide I will teach you how to get that many followers too, and much, much more.

Once you have set up your account and everything looks presentable, you are ready to look into getting more followers and likes.

How to get more Followers and Likes

Getting more followers and likes seems like a hard thing to do, but I can assure you that if you know the tips and tricks, it is not hard at all.

How To Get More Instagram Likes

How To Get More Instagram Likes

(^A picture I posted less than 24 hours ago, you can achieve this too!)

There are a range of different strategies and methods you can use to grow your account, which method to use depends on your budget, and who you are.

For example, a small cake business would have a smaller budget than a real estate chain, and therefore the methods used are different.

To accommodate this, I have divided the next part of the tutorial into the following sub sections, you can pick which to follow depending on which would fit you best. You can also, of course use all of them at the same time.

Automating your account – Best for bigger projects/budgets

Automating an Instagram account can become costly, but in the long run it can have superb potential in gaining targeted traffic to not only your account, but subsequently your website.

My personal tool of choice for Instagram automation is FollowLiker. I wrote a tutorial on how you can use followliker for twitter, and the instagram version is very similar.


The important things to note is that you need to get the bot to follow people in your niche by using targeted keywords and liking their photos, and then they will, in return come back to your profile and take a look at what you do. This creates perfect targeted followers.

Buying shoutouts – Better for medium projects/budgets

Buying shoutouts can be very effective or a complete waste of money.

A good website to buy shoutouts at is called, and try to find an account that gets a lot of likes per picture, and doesn’t charge too much.

Mass following method – Best for smaller projects/budgets

What this method involves is essentially doing what the automated software would do manually.

You will need to search for accounts in your niche and then follow them and like their stuff, and they will in return come back to you.

VERY IMPORTANT – How to Boost your Followers

For both the automated & mass follow techniques above, it is very important that you have significantly more followers than the amount you are following.

Not only does this make a much better and more professional ‘spam-free’ impression on people who look at your profile, but also if you don’t you could very well get banned for spam.

I personally recommend, they are a provider of social signals etc and I have used them for years now and couldn’t be happier.

Actually I find out how to get Instagram Followers at a discounted price (30% OFF) HERE!

It is very important to note that if you do not have more followers than you are following, Instagram will ban you. I have tried it in the past and it’s just not worth losing all the hard work.


Watch my secret video on how to get more instagram likes! I have not uploaded this video to youtube and I do not plan to ever do so.

So if you would like to see it all you have to do is give this tutorial a share on social media and you will immediately unlock the content!