Today I would like to do a “Follow Liker Review”.

This Tutorial is basically a follow up for my How To Make Money On Twitter – 4 Steps Tutorial. 

It will help you to automate the whole process of getting more followers and driving traffic to your sites!

What You Will Learn


– How FollowLiker Works

– How To Use FollowLiker & Why Proxies Are So Important

– How To Set Up The Software On Your Virtual Server

– Does this software really has the effect it promises?


Social media offers a lot of potential for business owners and it can bring you a lot of traffic – however it can also be very time consuming to manage all of your social media accounts. With marketing software you can automate social media tasks and save yourself a lot of valuable time.

Followliker is a reliable, powerful and flexible software that will allow you to automate all of your social media tasks. It can help you to grow your follower base, generate leads, increase traffic and much more.

How Followliker Works


Followliker provides you with an automated version of Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Tumbler that is easy to run 24 hours per day. Many important social media tasks are automated – for example you can auto-follow users who are talking about a particular topic or hashtag and auto-unfollow users who do not follow you back within a certain number of days.

Followliker also allows you to schedule your Tweets throughout the day, keeping you constantly engaged on Twitter. You can also set it up to auto-retweet any tweets that are posted by a specific user or are relevant to a particular hashtag.

Some of the features of Followliker include:



– Following users, controlling your follower to following ratio

– Un-following users that do not follow you back within a few days

– Using multiple accounts and assigning proxies to your accounts.

– Find other users based on location, interest, keywords, etc.

– Build a special “whitelist” of followers that should never be unfollowed.

– Build a “blacklist” of users that should not be followed.

– View your account statistics, including tweets, number of followers, etc.

– Tweet delayed intervals throughout the day

– Use of Unlimited Accounts allowed (don’t forget to use proxies!)

With so many powerful features for social media networks, this software will save you time, increase your online presence and help you to build your business.  

Why Are Proxies So Important?

If you are going to run multiple account on follow liker (this counts for every FL version not only twitter) then you will have to get yourself some proxies.

It is highly recommended to actually use 1 account per Proxy. Some people say it will be okay to use up to 3 account per proxy but I have had many bad experiences with that. I had hundreds of accounts banned and in order to prevent such things I am now running 1 account per proxy.

IMPORTANT: Running multiple account without proxies WILL result in a mass ban of your accounts.  Be sure to get some high quality, dedicated proxies Here before you start your work on FollowLiker. 


How to Use Followliker

When you first start using FollowLiker you might be a little overwhelmed – there are so many new things to learn about this software! It has such a huge range of features and its possibilities are enormous, so it might be a little bit intimidating at first. However, if you can learn to use it then you will be able to unlock the potential of everything this powerful piece of software can do.

The great thing about FollowLiker is that there are so many other people using it online, so when you have a question you can just hop on a forum and ask other users. Also, you can check out the many online tutorials available, including video and text tutorials, which will help you to learn how Followliker works and what techniques to use. There is always something new to learn about this software, such as new features, different techniques and alternative strategies. Experiment, learn and gather information – never stop increasing your knowledge about how best to use this software for your social media needs.

How to Scrape Users

Right click on the account in Follow Liker and click on “Wizard”. You can check off Scrape User and Follow. Once you have done this, click “next”. The next step is to set the parameters of the users that the software should follow and enter the information under the Query Type. For example, you can set the software to find users by a keyword in their username bio or profile. Or, you can follow all of the followers of a specific user. You can also find users who are discussing a particular topic or keyword or you can follow back all of the people who follow you.

Once you have set up the parameters that you want, Followliker will be able to carry out your instructions and find a database of users to engage with. At this point you might want to check that Followliker is choosing the right users and that everyone who is being followed fits within your target demographic.

PRO TIP: Follow people who Retweeted a specific tweet in order to only follow highly targeted and active users! 

Follow Liker Review

Maintaining Follower to Following Ratio

Followliker has a great feature that allows you to unfollow any users who did not follow you back within a certain number of days. This will make sure that you always have a healthy ratio of followers to following. This is an automated feature and you will be able to set the number of days before Followliker unfollows the user.

Automating Favorites, Retweets and Follows

Favoriting, retweeting, followers and otherwise interacting with others on Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and Tumblr is a powerful way of connecting with others and growing your following. Followliker can scrape pins, tweets and posts based on keyword relevance or on another user’s pins. You can set this up by adding the keywords or the user whose pins or tweets you want to share.

Remember, if you have a brand new account it is important to start slowly and add on automation in small steps. A brand new account that is obviously automated will look suspicious to Twitter and might get blocked for being spam. Make sure that you start small and let the account grow so that it appears legitimate.

How To Set Up The Software On Your Desktop Or Virtual Server


Are you planning to set up Followliker on your virtual server or desktop? There are a few things that you need to know first.

In my opinion it is always better to let the software run on a VPS! I personally use the VPS solutions Hostwinds provides simply because they have very low downtimes and there servers are extremely fast.

Followliker is relatively easy to use, all you need to do is set the parameters of the job that you want done and then let it follow through with the instructions you have given. It will allow you to manage multiple accounts, which makes it great for people who are maintaining several social media profiles.

The first step after downloading the software is to enter your Followliker username and password. When you are on the account screen you can right click and choose “New” from the dropdown menu. Fill in the details of your Twitter account such as username and password in order to get set up. There is a spot to fill in proxies but you can ignore this, unless you are running multiple accounts.

Once you have set up your account and entered your username and password, you are ready to start using Followliker. Start by looking up 5-10 of your competitors on Twitter, Pinterest or whichever social network you are focusing on. They should have a decent amount of followers and they should be within the same niche as you. Record the usernames of these competitors. The next step is to choose 5-10 keywords or topics that you will be focusing on when you search for pins.

If you have any issues when you are setting up the software, you can consult the help desk or you can search online for the problem – there is a lot of helpful information out there from others who use this software and have experience with it.

How To Use The Correct Settings And Proxies So Your Accounts Won’t Get Banned

When you first set up your new account in Followliker, it is recommended to use quite a slow setting. For example, if you are setting up an Instagram account you should choose to like 200-400 photos per day and follow 30-80 people per day. You should only share a maximum of two photos per day. This will ensure that your account doesn’t look fake and will not be banned.

In the beginning you should be closely observing your accounts and measuring how much they are growing. If you have set your limits low you can keep an eye on them until you are confident that the account is performing well.

After a while, you can slowly start to increase the amounts and the number of comments. As your account ages it will start to have more credibility so you will be able to be more active.

Also, it is important to remember that automation will only take you so far and it is only a partial strategy for marketing. It will bring you some nice traffic, but you also need to add manual efforts in order to unlock the real power of social media. The goal of using automation is to speed up the growth process, but it should not be the only thing defining it.

Remember, if you do too many actions that seem unnatural or inhuman, this will create a red flag on your account and get you banned. Think about how a real human being would use the account so that you can choose your moves in a natural way.

And as already mentioned above, never forget to use Proxies!

How to Increase Your Website Traffic And Sales Using The Right Targeting Method

The ultimate goal of using software such as Followliker is to increase your website traffic and sales by using the right targeting method. You pour your effort, creativity, heart and soul into your website content and it can be discouraging when no one sees the hard work you do. Using a tool such as FollowLiker can be crucial to keeping your momentum going and seeing quick results that will have you feeling inspired and motivated.

When you are setting up FollowLiker, think about your target market and how you can reach them in the most effective way. Where do your target audience live and what hours are they usually online? You can set Followliker to run 24 hours per day, or you can schedule the account activities for certain hours according to the location of your main audience.

You can also think about your target audience and what kind of content they are interested in. What hashtags reflect their interests? What keywords will they be searching for? What kind of images, tweets and posts will they be most attracted to? It goes without saying that if your target audience is teenagers they will be interested in different content than senior citizens or adults aged 20-30. Think about how you can tailor the content that you offer to your target audience so that you can capture their interest.

So What Is The Result Of This Follow Liker Review?

You might be wondering – does FollowLiker really work? Many people are critical of social media automation and will argue that it doesn’t work. However, the numbers show that automation really makes sense, especially if you are using it for business purposes. There is a lot of value in these tools and social media platforms for marketing.

FollowLiker, when it is used correctly – really does have the effects that it promises. It allows you to manage multiple accounts so that you can maintain several social media profiles at once. It is easy to use, as all you need to do is hit the start button, set the parameters of the job you want done and let the tool do the heavy lifting.

If you are just starting your online business and you are having trouble getting people to your blog, then a tool such as this one can be very valuable. SEO really does work, but it takes time to get it right and notice results when you are building a new website.

Want to find out for yourself? Give Followliker a trial period and see how it works for you. You can set up multiple account and try managing your social media via this powerful tool. It is very likely that you will see your followers start to grow and see an increase in traffic to your websites. After not very long you will see that the software really does offer amazing results and it will change the way you approach SEO and online marketing.

Keep these tips in mind for using Followliker automated social media software, so that you can make the most of your social media accounts and promote your brand online.