Facebook ads, how to set them up, how to use them and how to retarget specific people who have visited your website. Something which seems almost impossible to the average business person trying to use Facebook to make them money. Although this is something which I have mastered.

And now I want to share my secrets with you.


As you can see from the graph above, a while ago I wasn’t even hitting 100 views a day on my course tube millionaire – but as you can see further along the graph, there has been a rapid increase in my views since I started using Facebook ads.

Real, targeted views.

If you want to know the very basics of setting up Facebook ads, be sure to check out my other blog post first.

In this post I am going to show you a fantastic method of retargeting your marketing campaign, to people who have already visited your website or bought your products.

This is very good, as the people who you send these ads and offers to have already engaged with you, and they know you and your product.

This is more traffic which you can send to your website with an ad which looks a little like this:


The ad on show is for tube millionaire and is advertising a special sale where the course is reduced from $300 to $97. It’s important to note here that the people seeing this ad are people who have already visited my website before.

This means that these people have probably left me their email or ended up on my signup page but didn’t actually buy anything – but they did consider buying my product.

Now this ad is appearing for them, showing them that it has gone down in price by $203! Along with the line ‘TAKE ACTION TODAY!’ – there is a really high chance that this may persuade a person who may have thought that my course was too expensive to change their mind and buy it for the cheaper price.

While it’s not at the full price, having this customer is definitely better than not having a customer at all!


As you can see above, I spent $241.75 dollars on this ad campaign, which reached 2501 people, 539 of which – clicked on my link.

If just 3 of the 539 visitors to this deal bought it I’d be making money – which of course, I did.

But how do you get this audience?

Let me explain – it’s not that difficult.

First to be able to create an audience which you can retarget, you have to get a retargeting pixel.

Something which you can easily get from Facebook which is just a small line of code which you need to copy and post on your website.

To get this code, go to your Facebook ads manager and type in ‘pixel’.


Then it will show you your pixel for your specific ad account.

From here go to ‘actions’ and ‘view pixel code’.


You will then be greeted with some paragraphs of code which you then need to copy and paste in your website. Assuming you’re using wordpress this is what you need to do:

  1. Go to your website
  2. Go to your header file
  3. Hover your cursor over appearance and then click editor, which is at the bottom of the pop up menu
  4. Search for header.php and click on it
  5. This will open the programme code
  6. Paste your code right above where the last ‘head’ of text is. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT


Once you have done this, check if it is working.
Download a chrome or firefox plugin called ‘Facebook Pixel Helper’.


Once you have downloaded it, this symbol should appear in the top bar.
Now visit your actual website.


If you click on the widget it in the top right corner it should tell you (like it has for me) ‘1 pixel found on tubemillionare.co’ – this is the proof that the pixel is actually installed on your website and is actually tracking visitors to your site, who have visited from Facebook.

Now you can create an audience.

Go to the ‘Audience Page’ on the ad manager.
Hover over create audience, go down to custom audience and then click on website traffic


Here you can see your pixel and are then able to choose your audience.

Such as people who have visited your website within a certain amount of time, I normally go for 180 days, as it gets you the largest audience possible.

You can also choose a website domain but I don’t normally do that as we don’t need to enter that level of complexity.

Finally, you just need to give your audience type a name.

It will normally take, depending upon how much traffic you have, a few days to build up traffic.

Say you have 100 visitors a day, it would normally take about ten days to build up your audience to 1000 people who you can retarget something to.

You do not want to use this method to target new customers who haven’t visited your website and should not use this to get cold, basic traffic. You don’t want to use this for something where people don’t even know what you’re doing.

When creating your ad make sure you set your custom audience to the one which you created earlier.

Make sure you have turned off a specific location when creating the ad so that this does not limit the audience which have visited your website. Basically, do not make your audience specific as this has already been done for you when you followed the instructions of this article.
Be sure to check out my other posts, especially my last post which shows you how to setup the perfect Facebook ad – something you’re really going to need if you want to drive traffic to your website.