Facebook. Ever since they changed their algorithm to show you the posts that they think you ‘want to see’ most advertisers have avoided it like the plague.

In this article I’ll show you how Facebook ads actually turned my business around. Don’t believe me?

Below is the analytics for one of my courses, TubeMillionaire, at one point it was not even hitting 100 views a day, until I started advertising on Facebook.


As you can see I was hitting around one hundred views a day, until I started advertising on Facebook, which, as you can see, is when my hits spiked. All of these visitors were both unique and targeted. 

All for spending a few bucks on Facebook ads.


In the table above you can see that I got 1200 unique visitors from Facebook alone, in the space of only 9 days. The best thing?

193 out of these visitors, then turned into conversions.

This really does work.

And it really works great.

I used to spend so much time trying to figure out which Facebook ads I should use to target.

Initially I was trying to work out if I should target people with families or who were in their twenties – and then I realised.

Why don’t I just target the people, who are interested in the people, who might be interested in my product?

Sound complicated?

Not really.

Back to the example of my course TubeMillionaire.

I looked at people related to my course, who were on the YouTube scene and promoted courses similar to mine.

All I did was tailor a post for his audience, and then had Facebook target his audience with my post.

Let me show you how to do it. 

Now when you make a post, DO NOT make a text post – someone scrolling through social media normally can’t be bothered to read something long – especially if it’s an ad. Generally I will make a video as it will grab people’s attention, and the conversion rate is always much higher. You can also make a picture post, although I generally find that video ads work the best.


Above is a screenshot of one of my Facebook ads, as you can see over 34,000 of the 67,000 people which the video reached watched the video. As well as this the video has gotten nearly 900 likes and 262 shares. Which is phenomenal!

The people who I am advertising to, are now advertising for me!

Once you’ve made your own post, put it on Facebook and then click on ‘Create Ad’ which is normally at the top right corner of your page.

Then click boost your post. When it asks you for your campaign name call it something to do with your post along with the person whose followers you will be targeting.

Next you will be taken to the page which allows you to choose your audience.


Do not create a custom audience at the top, although if you would like your audience to be region specific, feel free to customise that.

For the age I generally choose people who are at least 25 years old. While I’m not saying people under 25 years old aren’t interested in my products, the majority of them are still college students and they don’t tend to have a lot of spare cash.

I also target men and set my language to English (obviously).

Now is the important bit.

Detailed targeting.


In this section type the name of the person whose audience you are targeting and as long as they have some kind of presence on Facebook their name should appear.

This is pretty much all you have to do.

If you’re only just setting out, set your budget to $5 a day so that you don’t over spend.

On the next page Facebook will then give you a sample of your post.

Once you have reviewed your order and have ensured that you’re not spending too much per day (especially if you are only a beginner).

Simply click place order and your ad will run.

Generally I’d set up around 5 ads like this each with targeting a different person’s audience.


As you can see for one of my best performing posts, I only paid 2 cents per view. That’s crazy cheap.

Of course I spent a fair amount of money as I got over 18,000 views but as soon as you reach your daily budget Facebook will stop running the ad until the next day. Thus you never have to worry about overspending.

Don’t let the campaigns run for too long as they will eventually dry out.

Create new posts targeting new people, so that it stays fresh and that you continue to get new clients instead of just continuously showing different ads of the same thing, to the same person – who has either bought your product, or isn’t interested.

If you follow the instructions of this article you can be well on your way to massively boosting your sales through Facebook, for only a few bucks a day.

As I say in my other blog posts, every conversion helps and if you’re only investing small amounts in lots of different places – there’s much less risk than one big investment.

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