In this blog I will show you how to create the perfect business profile for Instagram.

With Instagram constantly rolling out new updates, it would be inevitable that they would bring one out for businesses.

To check to see if the Business Profile for Instagram is available to you, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Instagram app (make sure it is up to date) and click on the tab in the bottom right corner to access your account.
  2. Click the settings icon in the top right.
  3. Select ‘Switch to Business Profile’.


Once you have selected the ‘Switch to Business Profile’ option, Instagram will then show you all the features of a business profile. Such as:

  • Seeing the analytics of your account such as information about your followers and also to see how well your posts are being received.
  • Connecting your business’s Facebook page to your Instagram account.
  • Including the details of your business such a contact number, email, and location – so that customers are able to easily contact you from a button on your profile.
  • Creating advertisements on Instagram to help spread the reach of your profile and business.

I highly recommend connecting your business’s Facebook page (if you have one), as Instagram will then automatically copy details from your Facebook page and incorporate them into your Instagram profile – which you can then remove or keep, based on what you want.

Once you have finished setting up your account, it will now be seen by other Instagram users as a business profile.

You can now also view your profile from a visitors point of view, if you haven’t already, I highly recommend that you check out one of my previous articles on how to create the perfect Instagram profile, which really could make or break your business.


Now you need to explore your Insights, which you can easily do by pressing the bar graph icon next to the settings wheel in the top right of your account.

When you post something to your business profile, Instagram will give you details on your top posts, the reach of your posts, as well as the number of people who have accessed your website by clicking the link on your profile.
You can also tap on the see more button which allows you to see your best performing posts in more detail. It will give you details on each individual image, such as the number of engagements the post has had.


You can also filter your posts to see which ones have the highest number of Impressions, the most engagement or the largest reach. This is very useful when you want to work out which kind of posts work best with your audience.

If you go back to the Insights screen and click on the See More button next to Followers, you are now able to see a more in depth analysis of your followers. Instagram will show you:

  • The percentage of men and women who follow your page
  • The age range of the people who follow you
  • The locations of your followers
  • The times as well as the days which they are most likely to be online (this is a great one for knowing when to post so that your post gets the highest engagement it can get)


Finally there is also the option to promote your posts within the Instagram app – similar to boosting a post on Facebook. To do this you must select the post you want to promote and then click on the Promote icon.

First you must select your call to action button and then enter the link to the page that the button will take potential customers to if they tap on it.

Next you you are able to set

  • What kind of audience you want Instagram to advertise to (this is something you can edit by choosing which age group, gender, locations and interests Instagram will show your ad campaign to).
  • The budget of your promotion.
  • How long you want your promotion to be active for.


When you’ve finished inputting all this information, you get a chance to check your promotions settings, finalise your payment method, and then you get to submit your campaign for review!

When it has been cleared by Instagram the post which you have promoted will begin running.

Instagram then allows you to check the analytics of your promoted post, which is once again a very useful thing to see – as you can then use this information to work out which posts are the best to promote.

While this system is all well and good, and is one that I have tried myself a few times, I feel that it is a way to spend a fair amount of money without much result.

Although I may still occasionally promote a post using this system, I feel that the service provided by is still my favorite way of gaining active followers who are also interested in what your business advertises.

I have been using their services for a while now and it really has helped me expand some of my businesses through my Instagram profile.

When you subscribe to their service, they will give you real, targeted followers.

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This is simply done as all I had to was input the kind of business that I am and which type of people I am targeting. After that they took matters into their own hands and I sat back, relaxed and watched my profiles explode with potential customers who are interested in my product.

To conclude, in the short time that I have been using Instagram’s Business Profiles, I have found it a much better way of finding customers through Instagram, than just trying to do this with a normal account.

It has allowed me to:

  • Easily find followers who are interested in what I sell
  • Build up a mailing list by allowing followers to easily contact me
  • Increase the reach of my posts and analyse which posts work best for me, with my followers

I truly do believe that Business Profiles on Instagram is the perfect new feature on Instagram for any growing or developed business.